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A New Living Center...

AVROCITY, which consists of a total of 3,912 houses on 1 million square meters of land, is a housing project on a grand scale which the very latest in luxurious, cutting edge living centers.AVROCITY is being constructed at a prime location on Zakho-Duhok road, near Duhok University and comprised of villas and apartment flats.

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General Catalogue
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Project Location
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2 + 1 Flats
3 + 1 Flats
4 + 1 Flats
5 + 1 Flats
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Orchid Villa (A1 Type)
Orchid Villa (A2 Type)
Tulip Vila (B Type)
Daffodil Vila (C Type)
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Life In Avro City
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Avrocity General Catalogue
2 + 1 Flats
3 + 1 Flats
4 + 1 Flats
5 + 1 Flats
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Avrocity Villa Catalogue
Orchid Villa (A0 Type)
Orchid Villa (A1 Type)
Orchid Villa (A2 Type)
Tulip Villa (B1 Type)
Daffodil Villa (C Type)
Lotus Villa (D Type)
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Sales Office
Near the Dohuk University Dohuk / IRAQ

(0964) 750 737 00 10
(0964) 750 737 11 11
(0964) 750 737 00 20
(0964) 750 737 22 22


Arbil Office / IRAQ
Ainkawa / Arbil / Iraq
T: (0964) 750 445 69 53

Headquarters / TURKEY
Fevzi Çakmak 1. Sokak No: 6/13 Kızılay / Ankara / Turkey
T: +90 (0312) 231 03 89
F: +90 (0312) 229 14 71
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AVROCITY privileges...

We are committed to modern building technology and soundness

Construction is being done with the latest in advanced technology according to international construction specifications and regulations.

A construction system using a radio general base and tunnel mould system resistant to all negative conditions and the heaviest loads.

Manufacturing in every phase of construction is under the control and guarantee of the Duhok Municipality.

We are committed to social facilities and service production

Our site will not be satisfied with only a high quality housing production. Our site is being constructed with social and commercial facilities that will provide service with housing.

I. Administration and office building

An administrative building has been constructed for professional administrative team located at the site.

II. Fitness Center

Ours is a modern and healthy living place for residents that can be used separately by men and women. In this elite sport and health place, there are many service groups such as a swimming pool, vitamin bar, sauna, beauty and massage rooms, heath and sport consultancy, gymnasium rooms with and without equipment.

III. Educational Areas

A space on approximately 40,000 squaermeter land in our site is allocated for construction of educational services such as a primary school, secondary school buildings and similar services.

IV. Day-Care Centers

Three day care centers have been designed, considering the needs of working parents and parents whose time is limited, and who mind education of their children. We care about the steps of children in their education.

V. Health Clinics

3 health clinics have been designed in our new project in order to ensure health services very close to our site residents.

VI. Restaurants

We have added 2 restaurants in our site to offer the best in world cuisiene to you.

VII. Local Bazaars

We will construct local bazaars in three sections of the site to meet your daily needs. Your hairdresser, barber, repair, installation, market and other similar requirements will be close to you.

VIII. Super Market and Shopping Mall

A big shopping mall and supermarket will be constructed in addition to local bazaars for your more comprehensive and special shopping needs. Such markets will give service not only to the residents in the project, but also to the people of the city.

IX. Wedding Salon

For the convenience of our residents we offer a wedding salon so that they will not have to travel for their most important celebrations.

X. Mosque and Funeral Home

A mosque will be constructed to meet your needs for religious observance. In addition, a funeral home will be constructed to provide the greatest comfort for families whose relatives have passed away.

XI. Police Station and Fire Station

A police station and a fire station will be constructed for your comfort, peace of mind and security.

XII. Recreation and Outdoor Sport Areas

As your mental and physical health is important for us, walking roads, pools, outdoor sport courses, tennis, volleyball and basketball areas, picnic areas and playgrounds will be constructed in green areas. We will establish peaceful and healthy environments in green areas extending from one site to another side of the project starting from the Green Valley to ensure people live in nature.

XIII. Respect for Nature and People: Waste Water Purification Systems

Waste water purification systems will be constructed for the recycling of waste water instead of its random discharge.

We are committed to security, common services and site management

Our site will be managed by an elite and professional team after the completion of construction. Settlement of technical, administrative and social issues will be carried out by this team.

A security camera system will be established at the entrance point of the sşte and on surrounding fences. Entrances and exits will be controlled by site security.

The site will be surrounded by fences for protection.

Area lighting will be presented on all roads, landscaping and recreation areas.

A special generator system will be established for power outages, 24 hour electricity and water service is guaranteed.

We are committed to quality, comfort and technology

All the entrance doors of flats will be constructed with decorative and aesthetic steel doors for security.

The inner doors of flats made of wood coating or similar material will be attached to create an aesthetic and warm environment.

Windows and balcony doors will be double insulated glass and PVC woodwork.

Kitchens are spacious and comfortable.

Modern elevators, two in 3+1 and 2+1 blocks and one in 4+1 blocks will be constructed at TSE, CE and ISO standarts.

A diaphone system will be installed to enable flat owners to screen visitors.

A security camera system will be installed.

Insulation will be installed in all flats with XPS isolation foam and gas concrete wall application to ensure heat and fuel savings.

TV and telephone plugs will be installed in every flat.

A garbage disposal system will be installed in each block for easy disposal of garbage from the flat corridor.

We are committed to infrastructure

All the infrastructure is carefully planned and electricity lines are laid underground.

By constructing rain water and canalization systems, all discharges and waters will be removed underground and water accumulation on roads will be prevented.

The canalization network will be connected to the waste water system, so water savings and recycling will be ensured. This is to ensure the highest respect for people and nature in our project.

Roads, pavement, auto parks and pedestrian areas are carefully planned and quality and material are not restricted.

TV and telephone installation comes standart in every flat

A fire cabinet with water system will be installed on every floor.

With road and area lighting, a very bright city will be established.

Spacious auto parks will be complete the luxurious amenities at the site.


Construction of 8th Stage Residences has started.

Construction of 8th Stage Residences has started in early 2013 and expected to finish in 2014 and 2015 gradually. The stage consists of 11 Type A(2+1) Blocks, 11 Type B Blocks and 1 Type C Block which is total of 23 apartment buildings and 1080 flats. Sales of this stage has also started in early 2013 and continues.

Construction of 7th Stage Residences is in progress.

Construction of 7th stage residences has been commenced in 2012 and expected to finish in 2014. The Stage consists of 16 apartments buildings and 652 flats and sales of this stage is almost completed.

Avrocity School construction has been completed.

School Construction has been completed by Avrocity construction team of GURBAG GROUP in very short period of time in order to provide quality education to surrounding society including Avrocity.

Avrocity’s Kindergarten Construction is in progress.

Kindergarten will be managed by an elite and professional pre-school staff after the completion of construction. Children of Avrocity residence's owners will be in safe hands and will receive quality pre-school education in Avrocity's Kindergarten.

Construction of 6th Stage Residences will be completed soon.

Construction of 6th Stage Residences is coming to an end very soon. Owners of 6th Stage residences are excited about moving to Avrocity and taking their place at Avrocity Society.

Construction of 5th Stage Residences has been completed.

Avrocity society is growing day by day. 5th Stage Residences has been handed over to the owners which deserve to be a part of luxury living in Avrocity.

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